Channel Settings > Reset EU Button
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Reset EU Button

Whenever the gain or unipolar/bipolar setting is changed in the Channel Settings dialog box (confirmed by selecting the OK command button) any calibration to significant engineering units is preserved and adjusted to reflect the new gain or unipolar/bipolar setting. However, the screen scaling for the selected channel is restored to the default values shown next to the gain factor, so that the top and bottom screen limits show the extremes of the A/D converter input range. Selecting the Cancel command button cancels any proposed changes thus keeping previous limits intact.


Selecting the Reset EU command button allows you to reset the selected channel from a significant engineering units calibration back to the default voltage (or temperature, if using thermocouples) calibration.


Please Note: DI-245 Thermocouple channels display Reset CJC for this button instead of Reset EU. This allows you to revert back to the factory settings for Calibrate CJC.