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Two separate functions on the Scaling menu allow you to manipulate and store digital input channel information along with all of the analog data. The Analog Plot function toggles the digital input channel display between a bipolar analog plot and a digital individual bit plot. The Digital Plot function displays the digital input channel as a digital sub-channel featuring each individual bit.


Both of these functions are normally dimmed on the Scaling menu until a channel is specified as a digital input (see Configure ADC Channels function for details on how to enable a digital input). When the selected channel is a digital input, both functions are selectable.


A digital input channel displays either a high signal or a low signal. These two functions offer two different ways of displaying the same high or low digital signal information. The Analog Plot function allows you to toggle the display of these high or low signals between an analog plot of a digital channel (with a display similar to the output of a D/A converter) and a digital plot that shows the state per bit. The Digital Plot function allows you to display the high or low state per bit (0 to 7), with a display option for normally open or normally closed conditions.


Note: Digital Inputs labeled for Remote Control should be used for Remote Control ONLY - see the table in Remote Control for location of these bits on your instrument. For DI-400, DI-700, and DI-710 Series Instruments, if all digital input bits must be used for your application, enable the first channel as a digital input channel and select the Digital Plot option in the Scaling menu to display the bits as individual sub-strips.