Open Reference File
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Open Reference File



Allows you to specify any previously recorded WinDaq file to be used as the default definition for a new data acquisition session. All data acquisition parameters from the file (such as number of channels, channel type, scaling constants, engineering units, display format, compression, display mode, gain, etc.) are ported from the previously recorded file to become the default condition of the new data acquisition session. This function allows an unlimited number of default states to be maintained as separate files for instant reconfiguration without the need to change data acquisition parameters each time.


This function allows multiple default states to be manually activated by opening previously recorded WinDaq data files as reference files. The Default Conditions function is similar, but it sets the parameters WinDaq Acquisition software automatically uses at the time it is opened.


Note: To save a reference file record a small amount of data with the desired settings. When you would like to use those settings for a new data acquisition session use the Open Reference File command.


Activating Procedure

 Click the Open Reference File button in the Toolbox.


 In the File menu click on Open Reference Fileā€¦.


  Choose File Open Reference File (ALT, F, F).



Special Considerations


The file specified as the reference file must be one created by WinDaq Acquisition and must already exist.


This function may only be used when in the SET-UP operating mode.