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Write Through

Selecting this option will write entered Event Markers and Comments immediately into a temporary event markers file to prevent loss of event markers and comments upon system failure. When checked, the directory on disk is updated each time an event or comment is generated, and each time A/D converter data is written to the main file - about every 256 samples. If this option is not selected, an event marker or comment could be lost if the system crashes before you have recorded 256 samples of data.


To enable this preference (if disabled) or disable it (if enabled):


 In the Preferences sub-menu click on Write Through.


  Choose Edit Preferences Write Through (ALT, E, P, H).


When the Write Through Preference is enabled, a check mark is displayed on the Edit Preferences submenu immediately preceding the Write Through command.


Note: This should not be used at high speeds because it generates enough disk activity to significantly slow down the maximum sample rate for gap-free recording to disk or affect the performance of other applications.