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Show Grids and Annotations Early

This preference is on by default. If the preference is turned off, grids and channel annotations are displayed with all values as they are plotted, but a complete display of an annotation requires plotting a number of values equal to ten times the number of characters that the annotation contains (32 maximum).


It should be noted that this preference item is simply a “graphics adjuster” that only affects how the display looks on your screen. Data acquired to disk is independent of this function.


Enable/Disable Show Grids and Annotations Early.


 In the Preferences sub-menu click on Show grids and annotations early.


  Choose Edit Preferences Open New File on Full (ALT, E, P, H) or press Alt + Y.


When the Show Grids and Annotations Early Preference is enabled, a check mark is displayed on the Edit Preferences submenu immediately preceding the Show Grids and Annotations Early command.