Low Cost USB Data Acquisition Starter Kits

  DI-145 Data Acquisition Starter Kit DI-149 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit DI-155 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit
Features DI-145 DI-149 DI-155
Price (US List) $29 $59 $149
Included Software WinDaq/Lite (acquire, display, review, export without programming)

.NET Class (for the programmer in you)
Channels 4 differential 8 differential 4 differential
Resolution 10-bit >13-bit
Full Scale Voltage
Measurement Range
±10 VFS
±50 VFS
Programmable Measurement
±2.50, 3.125, 5, 6.25
10, 12.50, 25, 50 VFS
Maximum Sample
Throughput Rate
240 Hz 10,000 Hz* 10,000 Hz
Maximum Single Channel
Sample Rate
240 Hz 10,000 Hz 10,000 Hz
Digital Inputs
(including counter/frequency)
(reserved for WinDaq software)
General Purpose
Counter/Frequency Inputs 1/1 1/1
Digital Outputs 4 (30 VDC or Peak AC, 500 mA sink max)
Interface USB
Supported OS Windows XP, 32- or 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7, and 8

*11,000 Hz for 11 enabled channels (8 analog, 3 digital)


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