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Special Considerations

Both single-ended and differential channels may coexist providing that any one or both of the channels needed to form the differential channel pair have not already been added to the list as single-ended channels. If such is the case, the single-ended channel already specified will be deleted from the list and the new differential channel added. For example, Channel 1D requires a channel pair consisting of channel 1 and channel 9. If channel 9 was previously added to the scan list as a single-ended channel, it will disappear when channel 1D is specified since channels 1 and 9 are required to form differential channel 1.


Differential channel numbers greater than 8 are not recognized as valid entries.


WinDaq Acquisition always sequentially samples from the lowest channel number specified to the highest.


It is not necessary to specify a continuous channel number list. Any channel number may be skipped (i.e., a channel list of channels 2 and 4 is valid)


The number or type of channels enabled for acquisition cannot be changed after the RECORD mode has been activated.


DI-149 and DI-155 users should refer to their hardware manual for instructions on enabling Rate and Count channels.