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For Serial Port Products

Activating Procedure


  1. In the Edit menu click on Channels... or click on the Enable button in the Toolbox. The Ch: block cursor will blink in the Channels field on the status bar. The currently active list of enabled channels are displayed in this field, immediately to the left of the cursor (blinking prompt).



  1. Enter the desired channel number and press the ENTER key. Repeat for each desired channel. Each active channel will have its corresponding channel number displayed in the currently active channels list.


  1. When all desired channels have been enabled, exit the channel configuration routine by pressing any key other than the “D” or “I” key.


Channels may be disabled by typing the channel number preceded by a minus (“-”) sign. For example, typing “-3” disables channel 3 and removes it from the list of currently active channels.


Note: Channels may not be added after the RECORD mode has been entered.


If Your Instrument Has More than 16 channels:  This information varies by instrument. Refer to Channel Selection for DI-500/510/750/760 Series Instruments for complete details.