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Activating Procedure

Open the WWB to Excel utility for direct data export to Microsoft Excel:


  In the File menu click on Export to Excel.


Press hotkeys Control, Shift, X.


Choose File > Export to Excel ALT, F, r.



The WWB to Excel Dialog box opens at the Export tab:



Select export options using the tabs. Click the help button for specific help with each tab. Press the Go Button to open Microsoft Excel and port the data to a spreadsheet. Please note: The Excel file is not saved. You must save the workbook file to keep the data in Excel.


Explore each tab below:


Export - Specify what data points to export.

Time Stamp - Specify time stamp format.

Events - Specify event markers and format.

Worksheet - Specify worksheet name, starting cell, and append.

Comments - Specify comments to include in export.

Back - Specify what happens when using the back button.