Model DI-718Bx-S

16-channel Ethernet Data Logger and Data Acquisition System for DI-8B Amplifiers

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DI-718Bx Data Acquisition System
  • Includes a DI-718Bx-S instrument, a 5-foot crossover Ethernet cable, a power supply, an NIST-traceable calibration certificate, a screwdriver for signal connections, and software on CD. DI-8B amplifiers are purchased separately.
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  • Measures temperature, pressure, flow, current, voltage, and more using isolated 8B amplifiers. View the DI-8B amplifier selection guide
  • Low-Cost, Portable, Ethernet Data Logger (external USB to Ethernet converter available). This product is similar to the DI-718B but with 16 signal-conditioned channels
  • Stand-alone data logger option allows in-the-field measurements to be saved to Secure Digital Cards (SD), or stored to a PC is real time using WinDaq software
  • Sixteen DI-8B signal-conditioned analog inputs
  • 14-bit analog to digital conversion
  • Includes WinDaq Software
  • Record up to 14,400 Hz in stand-alone mode using high speed SD card (model 101014-2G)
  • Up to 4800 Hz Sample Throughput Rate when connected to PC
  • Unlock code required for sample rates over 1,108 Hz only when using WinDaq software
  • Wide variety of measurement functions and ranges based on DI-8B module selections. Mix and match modules as needed.
  • Find out how long your data logger can record to SD memory using our Record Time Calculator
WinDaq Data Acquisition SoftwareWinDaq Software
Data Acquisition Recording and Playback Software. 1108Hz maximum sample rate. For higher rates purchase the unlock code under the Accessories tab.
DATAQ ActiveX ControlsActiveX Controls
For programming solutions
WinDaq Data Acquisition SoftwareWinDaq/XL
Ports data directly to Windows Microsoft Excel in real time during acquisition. Purchase directly from the WinDaq/XL product page.
(Trial Version)
Advanced CODASAdvanced CODAS
Advanced analysis software add-on to WinDaq Waveform Browser software.
WinDaq High Speed Data Acquisition SoftwareUnlock Code for High Speed Data Acquisition
Unlocks WinDaq to allow recording speeds up to 4.8 kHz throughput. Unlock Code ONLY. No CD will be shipped. Please Note: If you are ordering this software for a device you already own, you MUST provide the serial number of your device under "Order Notes" during checkout to receive the unlock code. Please allow one (1) business day for processing.
DI-8B Amplifier ModulesDI-8B Amplifiers
DI-8B amplifiers offer the convenience to mix and match modules based upon measurement function and range to meet any application requirement, from the most simple to the most complex.
$99–$169 ea.
Learn more
2GB High Speeed SD Card101014-2G
High-speed 2GB SD memory card allows recording to the full stand-alone sample rate limit of the host data logger.
2GB SD Card101014-2GS
2GB SD memory card allows recording up to a 2 kHz sample throughput rate. See model 101014-2G for a faster memory solution.
SD Card Reader101014-CR
USB Secure Digital Memory Card Reader connects to the USB port of any PC and allows data recorded to SD memory to be transferred to the PC for review and analysis.
USB to Ethernet Adapter101014-EA
External USB to Ethernet converter. Allows you to conect your Ethernet data acquisition device to your PC's USB port. Adds an external Ethernet card to your PC.
16-port screw terminal block100995-MCVW
Replacement 16-port removable screw terminal block for BOTTOM of screw terminal block receptacle in DI-78B, DI-710, DI-718B, DI-718Bx, DI-785, DI-788, and DI-808 products.
16-port screw terminal block100995-MCVR
Replacement 16-port removable screw terminal block for TOP of screw terminal block receptacle in DI-78B, DI-710, DI-718B, DI-718Bx, DI-785, DI-788, and DI-808 products.
5-pin Power Connector100464
Spare 5-pin power connector for DI-718Bx, DI-720, DI-722, and DI-730 instruments.
Right-angle Mounting Brackets100730-1
Pair of right-angle mounting brackets (with mounting screws) for DI-720 and DI-730 Series instruments.
NIST Calibration Certificate for DI-71X productsNIST-71X-CAL (Re-calibration Service, included with new instruments)
NIST-traceable certificate for all DI-710, DI-718B, and DI-718Bx data acquisition and data logger products. Includes both before and after data. Shipping charges do apply when ordering online. Learn more about Calibrating your device.
DI-718Bx Data Acquisition and Data Logger Systems
  • Model DI-718Bx-S
  • Unlock Key for WinDaq supports 4800 Hz sample throughput
  • Fast 2 GB SD memory card
  • SD memory card reader
  • WinDaq/XL ports acquired data into an Excel spreadsheet in real time
DI-718Bx Data Acquisition and Data Logger Systems
  • 16 analog inputs
  • 4800 Hz max sample rate
  • Any industrial measurement
  • Uses isolated 8B amplifier modules
  • Includes WinDaq software
  • Wide power supply range (9-36 Vdc)
  • Provided with ActiveX Control set