DATAQ Instruments Application Notes and News

How to Store Data using WINDAQ MySQL

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq/SQL A MySQL database can store 30,000 times more data than a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Used in combination with WinDaq/Lite, Pro or Pro+, WinDaq/MySQL is a convenient solution for those needing to store and easily retrieve large quantities of data. The WinDaq/MySQL application acts as a bridge, linking WinDaq to Read More

Wireless Data Acquisition Hits the Roof at SAFECO Field

Data Acquisition > Ethernet As seen in Desktop Engineering, May 2001 You spend all day slaving over charts and numbers. It’s nice to get away from work and enjoy yourself. Maybe you’ll take in a baseball game. At least data acquisition won’t be able to find you there… or so you think. You’d be wrong Read More

Five PC-based Data Acquisition Traps (and how to avoid them)

Data Acquisition > PC-connected When you move a data acquisition system from the controlled environment of the laboratory to the shop floor, a number of factors may combine to destroy your measurement accuracy at best, or your equipment at worst. An understanding of these factors is therefore crucial to measurement success. Through our applications support Read More

WiFi Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition > Ethernet Four Easy Steps to WiFi Data Acquisition Wireless fidelity, also know as WiFi, is a term used to describe wireless networking technology. Instead of using cables to move data through an Ethernet network, WiFi uses radio waves, eliminating the need for a physical connection to send and receive data. This allows Read More

WinDaq Cuts Maintenance Costs in Steel Mill

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq A steel mill customer wanted to predict bearing failure in the huge ladles they use for pouring molten steel since unscheduled shutdowns greatly complicate the repair process and significantly increase maintenance costs. The ladle is placed on a turret and filled with molten steel. The turret, riding on the Read More

Pressure and Flow Data Acquisition Measurements in Hydraulic Systems

Data Acquisition > Mixed Measurements Think about the places hydraulics are used: cranes, backhoes, earthmoving equipment, lift gates and lifts of all kinds, amusement rides, your automobile. The list is almost endless. Behind the scenes of every hydraulic system are a host of pumps, motors, valves, seals, and other hardware that work as a system Read More

Offset Compensation Using WinDaq Software

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq In the real world, transducers can exhibit some initial offset. This fact often times is discovered in the field when, given the conditions of a “resting state,” we expect that it will produce an output of zero volts. It is quite natural to expect a transducer to behave this Read More

Pressure, Temperature, and Flow Data Acquisition Measurements in Injection Molding Machines

Data Acquisition > Mixed Measurements The operation of an injection molding machine is fairly simple in concept: Put plastic pellets in one end and force them with a worm gear through a tube under high pressure. The pressure creates heat that melts the pellets. The molten plastic is sucked into a mold. The plastic cools Read More

How Much ADC Resolution Do You Really Need?

Data Acquisition or Data Logger You just bought a data logger or data acquisition system with a 14-bit ADC (analog-to-digital converter.) What exactly does that mean? Could you have gotten away with a 12-bit product? A 10-bit? Did you gaffe and really need a 16-bit data logger? You know that a higher “bit” number is Read More

Strain Gage-Based Transducer and Amplifier Selection and Calibration

Data Acquisition > Mixed Measurements When choosing a strain gage-based transducer/amplifier combination to acquire data such as force, load, pressure or torque, there are a several important considerations to keep in mind. In addition to measurement range you must consider the sensitivity of the transducer and amplifier as well as the required excitation (supply) voltage. Read More