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About DATAQ Instruments

Our Customers

Users of DATAQ Instruments' hardware and software address the entire spectrum of instrumentation: doctors engaged in life sciences research; engineers from all disciplines; and technicians involved with maintenance and troubleshooting. Throughout this array of users, from the most sterile lab to the grimiest steel mill floor, our equipment can be found. We specialize in replacing chart and X-Y recorders, digital storage oscilloscopes, and other data acquisition systems.

Why They Choose DATAQ Instruments

We're their first choice for a variety of reasons but the dominant ones are ease-of-use, no-programming environment, and performance.

The fact that no programming is required combined with ease-of-use allows our customers to set up, record, playback, and analyze waveform data within minutes. But that is not to say our customers are adverse to programming. Many are programmers who need to make a measurement as simply and efficiently as possible. They have found that our hardware and especially our software are capable of real time storage and graphical performance unlike any product they've ever seen on a personal computer.

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What We Can Do For You

Our customers refer to our systems as "electronic chart paper" because it allows them to quickly get down to the business of acquiring and analyzing waveform data without abandoning the look and feel of a traditional instrument. Here's how we do it:

Our hardware connects virtually any analog signal to your personal computer; AC volts, DC volts, biopotentials, temperature, pressure, strain, frequency, process current, and more. It digitizes and communicates this information to a PC using a USB or Ethernet port. Data acquisition rates range from 1 to 500,000 samples per second.

Our software takes over from here. Even at the highest sampling rates, WinDaq software acquires, graphically displays, then records an unlimited amount of information to your PC's hard disk — all scaled in real engineering units. Our acquisition modes include real time graphing versus time, real time X-Y, and frequency plotting.

We can record data continuously to your computer's hard drive, or intermittently using pre- and post-trigger techniques. All acquired data is automatically time and date stamped. You can even type comments on-the-fly to form a complete diary of the data acquisition session.

Whether the data acquisition session is finished or still in progress, you can use our WinDaq Waveform Browser playback and analysis software to graphically browse the waveform data stored to disk — literally dividing your screen into real time display and browser windows. Measure amplitudes and timing with the click of a mouse button. Determine waveform statistics over an unlimited range with another click. Generate X-Y plots or a power spectrum by clicking again. Use our built-in data file translator to export any range of data to your word processor or spreadsheet. Or, use our Advanced CODAS software for in-depth analysis with a variety of mathematical functions.