Lascar Data Loggers

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Lascar data loggers are offered by DATAQ Instruments because their low price points and narrowly defined measurements round out our own line of data logger products. DATAQ Instruments is one of the largest and most successful resellers of Lascar data loggers in the US market due to our market breadth and online presence, and we offer the most comprehensive datasheets, multimedia, and articles available on the Internet for Lascar products. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing the best and pre-and post-sale technical support available. And to top it off, we also offer a 10% discount on EVERY Lascar Data Logger. Just use code EL10USB at checkout and the price will be reflected in your order. Please call for quantity discounts.

DATAQ Instruments is proud to carry the full line of Lascar Data Loggers for sale on our web site. Each Lascar data logger provides a specific measurement function and range and provides built-in memory (except the EL-USB-RT) for data storage and complete stand-alone operation. There are four groups in the Lascar data logger line. The EL-USB Data Loggers are the lowest cost and require a USB connection to a Windows PC (or the EL-DataPad) to configure the logger and upload and review logged data. The EL-WiFi series provides wireless communications and seamless data transfer to your PC. The EL-GFX series is similar to the EL-USB series but also provides a graphical display of acquired data. Finally, the EL-EnviroPad product offers a complete stand-alone solution for recording thermocouple-based measurements, and offers the flexibility to connect to any operating system that supports a USB thumb drive.

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DATAQ Instruments offers the most comprehensive and complete datasheets, multimedia, and articles available on the internet for Lascar products. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing the best technical and pre-sales support available. And to top it off, we also offer a 10% discount on EVERY Lascar Data Logger. Just use code EL10USB at checkout and the price will be reflected in your order. Please call for quantity discounts.

Lascar EL-USB Data Loggers

EL-USB Data Loggers

Lascar EasyLog model EL-USB series products are a line of low cost, compact, battery-operated data loggers with built-in memory and a USB interface for easy setup and data download. Each product in the line offers a specific measurement function (including temperature, voltage, process current, and more).

  • Programmable high and low alarm thresholds.
  • All data is recorded to built-in, non-volatile memory (except the EL-USB-RT). EasyLog EL-USB data loggers do not lose readings when the battery is discharged or replaced.
  • Automatic time and date stamping of logged data.
  • Program the logger to begin recording immediately, or at a specific date and time.
  • Bright, multi-color LEDs indicate status and alarm conditions during logging.
  • Built-in USB interface for easy setup using any PC (or use the EL-DataPad).
  • Built-in, replaceable lithium battery (provided).
  • Intrinsic isolation for voltage and current measurements.
  • Removable cover protects the USB interface.
  • Removable clip secures the instrument during transport or deployment.
  • EasyLog EL-USB application software for data logger setup, data download, and analysis.

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Lascar EL-WiFi

EL-WiFi Data Loggers

Lascar's EL-Wifi Data Logger series products are low cost, compact, battery-operated data loggers with wireless connectivity to any PC over a WiFi router. Each product in the line features a large, easy-to-read display of current measurements, and is purchased for specific measurement functions.

  • Wireless communication to any PC using WiFi.
  • 802.11b-compliant for universal compatibility
  • Programmable high and low alarm thresholds.
  • Seamlessly uploads memory to host PC at programmable intervals.
  • Automatic time and date stamping of logged data.
  • Program the logger to begin recording immediately, or at a specific date and time.
  • Built-in display shows current, min/max readings, alarm states.
  • Built-in USB interface for battery charging and initial configuration.
  • Hardened plastic bracket for easy deployment.
  • Free configuration, review, and Excel-export software

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Lascar EL-GFX

EL-GFX Data Loggers

The EL-GFX line of data loggers is the latest release from Lascar Electronics with similar functionality of the EL-USB series with an added graphic display for data.

  • Stand-alone operation
    • Powered by replaceable batteries
    • Built-in temperature sensor
    • Built-in date and time clock
    • Deep on-board memory of 251,928 readings
    • Built-in graphics display for temperature trending, high/low capture, and more
  • IP67 construction resists dust ingress and water submersion up to 1 meter
  • Programmable high/low alarm thresholds
  • Both audible and visual alarm states

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Lascar EL-EnviroPad TC

EL-EnviroPad-TC Data Logger

Lascar's EL-EnviroPad-TC is a touch-screen device used to measure and record thermocouple temperature readings. It looks and behaves like a thumb drive when connected to a PC and transfers a delimited ASCII file containing recorded data, so it is compatible with all PCs and operating systems.

  • Stand-alone, battery-powered data logger for a single thermocouple-based measurement
  • -100 to +1400 °C (-148 to 2552 °F) measurement range with high/low alarms
  • Supports J-,K-,N- and T-type thermocouples
  • Built-in, color, 2.8-inch touch display allows measurement configuration without a connected PC
  • Displays real time data, and previous results in table or graphic form
  • Built-in, non-volatile flash memory for measurement storage
  • Behaves like any USB thumb drive
  • Recorded, delimited ASCII text files are accessible by any computer running any operating system
  • Built-in real time clock time and date stamps each measured value
  • Huge on-board memory capacity: >65,000 samples in each of 100 files
  • Supports both single-shot and long-term data logging modes
  • Built-in USB interface for uploading recorded data to the PC for analysis
  • Recorded data files are Excel-compatible
  • Built-in, rechargeable Li-polymer battery

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Lascar EL-21CFR Data Loggers

EL-21CFR Data Loggers

21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 11 (21CFR Part 11) has been established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to govern the veracity of electronic records and signatures. Through a defined system of checks and balances 21CFR Part 11 ensures that information applied to the standard is both traceable and unalterable. That information could be temperature, humidity, and time and date. Through a unique combination of data logger firmware and PC-side or cloud-based software these instruments ensure 21CFR conformance, which allows it to be deployed in applications that demand it: Medical device manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, contact research organizations, and others where hardcopy paper records have been displaced by computer files.

These instruments provide compliance with 21CFR through use of data files that are encrypted and therefore unalterable, with an audit trail complement with these added 21CFR-centric features:

  • Multiple user accounts with definable permissions
  • Audit trails for session logins and data
  • Email alerts when a login attempt fails
  • Reported data protection with digital signatures
  • Commented events that become part of the permanent record

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Lascar EL-BT-2 Data Logger

EL-BT-2 Bluetooth Data Logger

Model EL-BT-2 Bluetooth-enabled temperature and humidity data logger fills the convenience gap between stand-alone USB and WiFi data loggers. It maintains the simplicity of the manual USB approach while providing many of the automated benefits of WiFi without the IT network deployment hassles. The Bluetooth interface provides a handy approach to instantly configure and retrieve data from the logger using a smart device while in the logger's proximity (up to around 30 feet.) A free Android™ app installed on a compatible smart device provides all the software you need to detect, configure, and archive data from one or more EL-BT-2 instruments.

Model EL-BT-2 also has a built-in display and a front-panel control button that gives you a handle on operation and performance without a Bluetooth device. Pressing the control button activates the display. Successive depressions cycle between real time and minimum and maximum recorded temperature and RH values. Bluetooth connection and battery charge status are also shown. Finally, a red and green LED shows alarm and recording states at a glance. The EL-BT-2's internal battery delivers up to six months of operation on a single charge, and can be recharged.

  • Hands-free, Bluetooth-enabled data logger measures ambient temperature and humidity
  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensors
  • Built-in high contrast display
  • -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F) temperature and 0-100% humidity measurement range
  • IP55 construction (dust- and water-tight)
  • Settable alarm thresholds for both temperature and humidity
  • Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 6 months of service on a single charge
  • Deep 500,000-sample memory for long, unattended recordings
  • Automatically time and date stamps acquired data
  • Free app for Android™ smart phones and tablets supports logger setup, data download, and display

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Lascar EL-CC-1 Cold Cahin Goods Data Logger

EL-CC-1 Cold Chain Goods Data Loggers

Simplicity defines the EL-CC Data Logger approach to ensure that food stuffs of any type were not exposed to dangerous temperature extremes during transit and handling. Packaged in their own hermetically sealed bag, EL-CC data loggers are offered as three individual models each configured to alarm at a specific temperature range: one model each for frozen, chilled, and ripening food stuffs. The data loggers can be initiated on-the-spot and placed into service without the need for configuration software. A preprogrammed 30-minute delay prevents alarms from triggering until the logger is fully saturated in the ambient temperature it's monitoring. The logger samples at a fixed rate of one sample every 10 minutes, and contains enough memory to provide 220 days of total record time. At any time during the recording process the logger's control button can be pressed to activate built-in LEDs. That action saves a marker in the recorded data stream to indicate the event. At the same time the LEDs illuminate to indicate devices status and alarm states. If pre-programmed temperature extremes were breached, the LEDs provides an instant visual indication of the problem without the need to download and review recorded data. After deployment the logger may be connected to the USB port of a PC to upload all recorded temperatures and events, each correlated with a specific date and time of acquisition. Data can be sent to a PDF, Excel, or JPEG image file. Software is downloadable and provided at no extra charge. Finally, EL-CC-1 Series data loggers are reusable. EL-CC-1 Series' built-in battery provides at least 12 months of service. And since the logger's integral protective sheath must be torn to upload data via the USB port, the water-tight IP67 integrity of future deployments can be preserved by placing loggers in model EL-CC-BAG (sold separately.)

  • Data loggers designed for monitoring chilled, frozen or ripening food environments
  • Encapsulated packaging seals out dust and water up to 1 meter of immersion (IP67)
  • Samples and records temperature with a time and date stamp once every 10 minutes
  • Built-in alarm LED set to trigger at pre-configured temperature limits
  • Reusable
  • Over 12-month battery life
  • Data export options include PDF, Excel, JPEG image
  • All software is included

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