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Getting Started with WinDaq/XL

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq > WinDaq/XL Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely recognized and understood spreadsheet applications in the world. WinDaq/XL is an add-in for use with Microsoft Excel. WinDaq/XL allows users of WinDaq data acquisition software to import acquired data, in real time, directly into Microsoft Excel. Once imported, the Read More

ActiveX Controls for Data Acquisition Applications

Data Acquisition > Software > Active X This tutorial will show you how to use the activeX controls named XControls in Excel with WinDaq/XL. WinDaq/XL is DATAQ’s software add-on to WinDaq/Lite, /Pro, and /Pro+ that allows data acquired by these packages to be ported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Let’s say you need to measure Read More

Recent WinDaq/XL Issues

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq > WinDaq/XL We’ve noticed an uptick in the number of WinDaq/XL issues over the course of the last the last few weeks. After some investigation, it was discovered that an August 14, 2012 security update was causing an “Unspecified Automation Error” when running Microsoft Office VBA code after installing. Read More