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WinDaq® Waveform Browser (WWB)

Playback and Analysis Software

WinDaq Data Acquisition Playback Software

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  • View our NEW Multimedia Presentation for an in-depth look at all the features of WinDaq Software
  • FREE Waveform Review and Analysis Software for WinDaq/Pro-, WinDaq/Pro+-, WinDaq High Speed-, or WinDaq/Lite-acquired data, or data acquired with a DATAQ Instruments Data Logger
  • Built-In Data File Translator
  • Display Up To 29 Channels At Once
  • Variety of Cursor-Oriented Time and Amplitude Measurements.

WinDaq Waveform Browser playback software (also known as "WWB") offers an easy way to review and analyze acquired waveforms. A built-in data file translator lets you display multiple waveforms acquired by WinDaq/Pro, WinDaq/Pro+, WinDaq/Lite, WinDaq/HS or any of a wide range of data acquisition packages. The software's disk streaming design allows data files of any length to be graphically displayed rapidly, in normal or reverse time directions. Seven standard cursor-based measurements, and frequency domain and statistical analysis functions help simplify waveform analysis and interpretation.

Fully Compatible with Windows

Adheres rigorously to the Windows standards of pull-down menus, context-sensitive help, scroll bars, error reporting and handling, etc.

Versatile Playback Modes

WinDaq Waveform Browser supports smooth scrolling in either time direction, as well as any degree of waveform compression.

Built-in Data File Translator

Exports and imports data files in a variety of data acquisition, spreadsheet, and analysis software formats. Also translates files stored in ASYST, ASYSTANT, DADiSP, and ASCII formats.

Data Acquisition File Translators

Import data files stored in LabTech Notebook's ASCII, I/O Tech's ASCII, binary integer, and real formats.

Dual Cursor Measurements

Reports waveform value at cursor, time from marker, samples from marker, frequency to marker, difference, delta %, slope (d/dt).

Supports Advanced Analysis

Extend your analysis with Advanced CODAS to include integration, differentiation, moving average, arithmetic operations, and more.

Includes Frequency Analysis

Calculates up to an 8,191-point discrete Fourier transform (DFT) or a 16,384-point fast Fourier transform (FFT) with four pre-programmed windows and on-screen power spectrum graphics. Supports file export of frequency and phase data.

Includes Digital Filtering

Allows you to graphically edit the power spectrum for high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, and notch filters. Supports the inverse Fourier transform (IFT) of the modified spectrum for comparison with original time domain waveforms.

Includes X-Y Plotting

Allows you to examine the relationship of one channel to another by designating one as the independent (X-axis) variable and the other as the dependent (Y-axis) variable. Once plotted, analysis features such as X-Y excursions, instantaneous rate of change, 2-point and linear regression rate of change, and area bounded by a curve are possible.

Includes Statistical Analysis

Reports more than 10 statistical variables over any waveform length with export capability to any spreadsheet.

WinDaq/Pro, WinDaq/Pro+, WinDaq/HS and WinDaq/Lite Support

WinDaq Waveform Browser fully supports WinDaq/Pro, WinDaq/Pro+, WinDaq High Speed, and WinDaq/Lite waveform recording software packages for Windows. Full multitasking performance allows simultaneous data acquisition and analysis — even with a common file!


Extend your post processing waveform analysis capability with DADiSP software.

View the WinDaq data acquisition software demonstration videos

Multimedia Demonstration Videos

View the Software Demonstration videos to learn the power and simplicity of WinDaq Acquisition and Playback Software. From the Beginner to the Expert level, we cover such topics as simple as Setting a Sample Rate and Exporting Data to Excel to "power user" topics such as X-Y plot Generation and Frequency and Analysis Filtering. See the demos now (flash required).

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WinDaq Waveform Browser Data Acquisition Playback and Analysis Software. FREE Download WinDaq Waveform Browser now
WinDaq/Lite Multitasking data acquisition software with limited 240 Hz record-to-disk rate. FREE Download WinDaq/Lite on Support page

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Manuals and Datasheet

WinDaq Data Acquisition Software DatasheetDatasheet (pdf)

WinDaq Data Acquisition Software Fast Start GuideFast Start Guide (pdf)

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WinDaq Data Acquisition SoftwareWinDaq Software

Export Data to ExcelHow to Export Recorded Data to Excel

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ActiveX ControlsActiveX Controls
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Ports data directly to Windows Excel

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Full listing of Third-party add-ons and DATAQ Instruments utilities and programs.

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