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Data Acquisition Software

DATAQ Instruments supports all levels of data acquisition software, from ready-to-run to programming solutions. Our celebrated WinDaq data acqusition software included with all of our hardware products acquires, displays, reviews, and exports data with ease and without programming. Our ActiveX control and dot net classes support programming requirements under most popular programming languages.

Waveform Recording Software

Product Description
WinDaq Free recording software. Restrictions dependent on hardware model.
WinDaq/XL WinDaq add-on that allows acquired data to be ported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
WinDaq/SQL Free WinDaq add-on that allows acquired data to be ported to a MySQL or Microsoft SQL database.
WinDaq Add Ons Complete list of add-ons and utilities for WinDaq software.
DataqSDK Linux Free C++ Software Developers Kit for Linux.
WinDaq/Tach Distance-based data recording software for Windows.

Playback and Analysis Software

Product Description
WinDaq Waveform Browser Free playback and analysis software required to review files recorded by WinDaq software. Included as part of WinDaq. Can be downloaded separately from the WinDaq product page (Accessory Software tab).
Advanced CODAS Analysis extension for WinDaq Waveform Browser playback software.
Nevrokard Third party software that generates heart rate and blood pressure variability reports directly from WinDaq-acquired data files.
WinDaq Converter Free Converter Utility converts Graphtec GBD files to WinDaq
WDQ2TDM Free utility creates xml header file in .tdm format from your WinDaq files.

ActiveX Control Software Packages

Product Description
ActiveX Controls Programming solution for WinDaq or any Windows programming language.
Example Programs DATAQ Developer Network. Learn how to use the DATAQ ActiveX controls. Here you can find example programs for Visual Basic, LabView, C++, Visual Studio.NET, Excel, Access, SQL and more.