Fast Start
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Fast Start Guide

For a fast start to your first data acquisition session, follow the basic steps presented in the following help topics. The fast start steps outline the condensed procedure for recording waveforms to disk. These are the basic steps you will take every time you record with WinDaq Acquisition. If you prefer a slower, more in-depth approach; skip over the fast start information, digest the reference information, then come back and follow the fast start steps.


The rest of this help file serves as an alphabetically arranged function reference. It elaborates and details the functions in the "fast start" procedures and contains additional recording functions that will not necessarily be used in every recording session or are not requisite for recording, but are useful. After this initial, fast start session, take some time to look over the rest of the functions detailed in this help file.


Step 1 Start WinDaq

Step 2 Enable Channels

Step 3 View Enabled Channels

Step 4 Specify a Sample Rate

Step 5 Calibrate to Engineering Units

Step 6 Record data to Disk

Step 7 Review Data

Step 5 Specify a Gain and Measurement Range

Step 6 Calibrate to Engineering Units

Step 7 Record data to Disk

Step 8 Review Data

Step 1 Enabling Channels for Acquisition

Step 2 Viewing Enabled Channels

Step 3 Specifying a Sample Rate

Step 4 Specifying Gain and Measurement Range

Step 5 Calibrating Input Signals

Step 6 Recording Waveforms to Disk

Step 7 Reviewing Recorded Waveforms