Command Hierarchy
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Command Hierarchy

To help you find the information you want, a menu hierarchy of commands utilized with WinDaq Acquisition Software is included here. Each command is listed according to the Menu it appears in. The command is followed by its activating accelerator key(s), and the commands are linked to references within the help file when applicable. The Menus available for WinDaq Acquisition are File, Edit, View, Scaling, Options, and Help.



File Menu


Open…, Ctrl+O

Open Reference File…, Ctrl+R

Close, Ctrl+S

Save Default Setup      

Record, F4

Stop, Ctrl+F4

Browse, Alt+J

Freeze, Ctrl+F




Edit Menu


Undo, Ctrl+Z

Copy, Ctrl+C

Sample Rate…, F3

Channels…, F5

Channel Settings…, F10

Engineering Unit Settings... Ctrl+F8

Reset EU... Ctrl+F12

Channel Annotation…, Alt+F11

Insert Mark, Ctrl+Space

Insert Commented Mark…, Shift+Space

Compression, F7

Compression x2, Page Up

Compression /2, Page Down

Calibrate CJC, Ctrl + Shift + J

Reset Count (Ctrl+Shift+R)

Preferences, Command Options (Update Interval…, Scroll Limit…, Skip Factor…, Buffer Size…, Beep on Gap, Alarm on Trigger (Ctrl+A), Frame Rate, Maximum Sample Rate… (Ctrl+F3), Event Mark Capacity…, Open New File on Full, Record Next File on Full, Frequency... (Alt+Q), RMS Window Size... (Alt+W), Thermocouple Type…, New Password..., Allow Relative Calibration, Write Through, Show grids and annotations early, Broadcast Sync Messages, Exit on Full, Reset Count on New File Record, Reset Count on Manual Record, Maximum USB Burst Rate)



View Menu


Assign Channel…, =

Assign Range…, :

Forward Range, Ctrl+↓

Backward Range, Ctrl+↑

Format Screen, Command Options (1 Waveform (Shift+1); 2 Waveforms, overlapped (Shift+2); 2 Waveforms (Shift+3); 4 Waveforms, overlapped (Shift+4); 4 Waveforms (Shift+5); 8 Waveforms, overlapped (Shift+6); 8 Waveforms (Shift+7); 16 Waveforms, overlapped (Shift+8); 16 Waveforms (Shift+9); 32 Waveforms, overlapped (Shift+0); User-specified format... (Shift+-))

Next Palette, Alt+P

Previous Palette, Alt+Shift+P

User Palette…, Ctrl+U

Add-ons Options (ToolBox (Ctrl+T), WinDaq/XL, XY Viewer, each installed Add-on)

Channel Properties..., Ctrl+F10



Scaling Menu


Limits…, Alt+F9

Division..., Ctrl+Shift+V

Show Dynamic Range, Alt+R

Grow, ↑

Shrink, ↓      

Invert, Ctrl+I      

Waveform Down 1 Pixel, Gray -      

Waveform Down 10 Pixels, Ctrl+Gray -      

Waveform Up 1 Pixel, Gray +

Waveform Up 10 Pixels, Ctrl+Gray +

Analog Plot, Alt+Shift+N      

Digital Plot…, Alt+Shift+T



Options Menu


Current Data, Alt+F2      

Data Display, F2

Limit Display, Alt+L

Units/Division, Ctrl+Shift+U      

Grids, Alt+G

Grid Spacing..., Ctrl+G

Channel Annotation, Alt+U      

Scroll Mode, Ctrl+F1

Oscilloscope Mode…

Triggered Mode…

Triggered Storage...

Fast Scroll

Pause Graphics, Alt+F1

Beep on File Full

Remote Events +

Remote Events -

Remote Storage 1

Remote Storage 0



Help Menu





Search for Help On…

How to Use Help                        

About WinDaq Acquisition…

Unlock WinDaq/HS