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Ultra-Compact 32-Channel Data Acquisition System Offers a Fully Integrated Solution for Amplified Transducers

AKRON, OH, May 1, 2000 — DATAQ Instruments, Inc. today announced the availability of their Model DI-740 Data Acquisition System for analog, transducer-based measurements. The Model DI-740 is an ultra-compact, portable system combining high-speed sampling, sensor excitation, and signal conditioning for the convenient operation of strain, force, displacement, and similar amplified transducers. Other essential functions the Model DI-740 provides are:

  • A flexible range of 16 transducer and 16 general-purpose analog input channels. An external, removable screw terminal strip for each channel speeds signal connection. Built-in 250W shunt resistors simplify measurements with current-output transducers.
  • A built-in, isolated 28Vdc excitation for each transducer channel eliminates the need for external excitation sources. Isolation eliminates or greatly reduces errors from common-mode voltages in multiple sensor applications.
  • Input ranges of ±1.25 to ±10Vdc full scale, with 16-bit A/D, 250 kHz sampling capability and multiple trigger modes facilitate high-resolution acquisition using a wide range of transducers. Burst mode technology minimizes channel skew.
  • Intelligent oversampling and DSP support sophisticated real-time noise reduction, signal averaging, minimum, maximum, or last-point data point detection.
  • Standard, bi-directional, enhanced parallel port and optional Ethernet or Universal Serial Bus (USB) provide multiple Plug-and-Play connectivity options without complicated addressing, interrupts, or DMA settings.
  • Dual 12-bit, buffered, 250kHz sample/second analog outputs provide programmable voltages for special applications.
  • Compact dimensions of only 7.29" × 9.0" × 2.7" (about ¾ the size of a typical laptop computer) permit operation in limited spaces.


The Model DI-740 includes an extensive selection of free software for compatibility with popular third-party packages and languages. Dataq's own WinDaq/Lite and WinDaq Browser (included) support turn-key data recording, playback, and analysis. A Programmer's Software Development Kit (SDK) assists in the development of custom applications using Visual BASIC, C, C++, and other Windows-based languages compatible with ActiveX controls. Drivers for LabView, TestPoint, and HP VEE are available for free download from the Dataq Web site ( Enhanced WinDaq Pro, and WinDaq Pro+ software are optional.


The Model DI-740 is available immediately, and is offered in the following configurations:

  • DI-740-16-P: 16 transducer and 16 general-purpose channels, EPP parallel I/O interface. Up to 250k sample/second throughput rate.
  • DI-740-16-USB: Same as DI-740-16-P, except with a USB interface.
  • DI-740-16-EN: Same as DI-740-16-P, except with an Ethernet interface. Maximum throughput rate: 2500 samples/second.

For models with 8 transducer and 16 general-purpose analog input channels, specify DI-740-8-P, DI-740-8-USB, or DI-740-8-EN. Prices range from $2245- $3390, depending on communications interface and number of transducer inputs. WinDaq/Lite, WinDaq Browser, and the Programmer's Software Development Kit (SDK) are included with all models at no additional charge.

About DATAQ Instruments

DATAQ Instruments, Inc., based in Akron, Ohio, is a leading producer of PC-based, real-time data acquisition hardware and software. DATAQ supplies the PC-based instrumentation needs for medical, research, and industrial test and measurement customers. For more information on the DI-740 Data Acquisition System, call DATAQ Instruments at 330-668-1444 or write to: DATAQ Instruments, Inc., 241 Springside Drive, Akron, OH 44333-2473, or visit our Web site at E-mail requests for information to

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