DATAQ Instruments Application Notes and News

.Net Class for Data Acquisition Starter Kits (Beta)

Data Acquisition > Software > .NET Class We’re proud to announce a beta version of a .Net class for data acquisition that supports our newer data acquisition starter kits, models DI-155, -149, and -145. This  class provides access to all the hardware’s features from any .Net programming environment. Supported functions are: Connected device discovery Analog Read More

“Cannot allocate socket” Error when Attempting to Set a Static IP Address

Data Acquisition > Ethernet It has come to our attention that many Windows 7 and 8 users are having difficulty assigning static IP addresses to their DI-710, DI-718B and DI-718Bx Ethernet instruments. When choosing ‘Set Static’ from the DATAQ Instruments Hardware Manager pull-down menu, they receive a “Cannot allocate socket” error. The error is the result of security Read More

Event, State, and Count Data Logger Solves Production Problems

Data Logger > Event, State, Count By Gary Seyberth, General Foreman of Nursery Supplies, Inc. Nursery Supplies, Inc. is a manufacturer of plastic containers for the wholesale nursery industry. Gary deployed several DATAQ Instruments model DI-160 Event, State and Count Data Loggers to manage productivity on his blow-molding and thermoforming lines. The multi-channel DI-160s are Read More

Convert GBD Files to WDH Format

Data Logger > Graphtec Our new GBD to WDH converter gives you the ability to convert GBD files, created using GL220, or  GL820 series instruments, to WDH format. Resulting WDH files can be opened in the WinDaq Waveform Browser for observation and analysis. For convenience, and to maintain 16-bit resolution, a high-res version of the WinDaq Read More

DI-159 PLC Connection with a Mac Computer

Data Acquisition > PLC > DI-159 PLC Using the DI-159 PLC on a Mac Computer Just follow these simple steps to use your DI-159 PLC on a Mac computer. In these instructions we were using a Mac Book Pro with OS X Version 10.8.3. Plug the DI-159 into a USB port on your Mac computer. Read More

Reducing Sample Rates Even Further

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq Frustrated because you can’t sample as slowly as you’d like? Assuming that you want to acquire data any slower than a sample every 9 or 10 minutes, you’re likely bumping up against the minimum sample rate limit in WinDaq. To follow up on a recent blog post concerning slow Read More

DI-159 PLC Now Available!

Data Acquisition > PLC > < href="">DI-159 PLC Please Note: This product is now obsolete DI-159 PLC is now Available for Sale The DI-159 is a low-cost PLC (programmable logic controller) that allows anyone with rudimentary programming skills to construct effective control systems in minutes using the embedded BASIC programming environment. It features eight protected analog Read More

Low Frequency Measurements Using 8B45 Amplifiers

Data Acquisition > Mixed Measurements DATAQ Instruments sells an amplifier into applications that require frequency measurements in the range of 500 Hz to 100 kHz full scale. The model is DI-8B45, and it’s sold with different suffix numbers that each defines a fixed full scale range in Hz or kHz. The amplifier is useful when Read More

The EL-EnviroPad-TC in Action

Data Logger > Lascar > EL-EnviroPad-TC Witness the EL-EnviroPad-TC in action! Check out the EL-EnviroPad-TC, courtesy of Vine! — DATAQ Instruments (@DATAQ_Inst) March 13, 2013 Click here for more on the EL-EnviroPad-TC.  Follow Us

New High Voltage Module for GL7000 Data Acquisition System

Data Logger > Graphtec > GL7000 New GL7-HV Module Measures 2V to 1000V Checkout our latest module release for the GL7000 Data Acquisition and Data Logger System. The new GL7-HV offers two high-voltage measurement channels. It has a measurement range of 2 V to 1000 V full scale across 9 programmable settings, and supports sample Read More