DATAQ Instruments Application Notes and News

Slow Sample Rates Explained

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq If you’re new to WinDaq and attempting to acquire data at rates less than 1 sample per second, it’s easy to get confused. This is especially true using multiplexed data acquisition systems. Choosing a sample rate above 1 sample per second is pretty straight forward. Say you want to Read More

EL-USB Series Data Loggers and Calibration

Data Logger > Lascar Recently, there’s been some confusion when it comes to calibration and EL series temperature data loggers. The fact that we offer a NIST traceable calibration certificate (sold separately) has led some to believe that a certificate must be purchased in order for the logger to be calibrated. On the contrary, EL Read More

NEW Wireless Data Logger for Temperature Measurements

Data Logger > Wireless NEW Wireless Data Logger EL-WiFi-T Measures Temperature from -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F) DATAQ is proud to announce the release of the latest EL-WiFi Data Logger, a low-cost series of data loggers that feature wireless communication to any PC over just about any wireless network (802.11b-compliant). Each wireless data logger Read More

An Overview of the All-New GL7000

Data Logger > Graphtec > GL7000 The GL7000 is a modular data acquisition system, configurable for a wide array of industrial applications. The unit is well constructed and has a solid feel. The base unit (without modules) measures 7.60”W x 5.55”H x 6.30”D and weighs in at approximately 4.9 pounds.   Expansion modules (at least Read More

Nothing is Found in the DATAQ IP Manager When Attempting to Run WinDaq with a DI-720/730 Ethernet Instrument

Data Acquisition > Ethernet In the last few months, a number of customers have reported that their DI-720/730 Ethernet instruments were no longer appearing in the DATAQ Instruments IP Manager. In fact, nothing appears at all, not even a Synced or Un-Synced group. Following some investigation here at DATAQ, it became apparent that a Windows Read More

Thermocouple Data Logger Features Touch Display

Data Logger > Thermocouple > EL-EnviroPad-TC New EL-EnviroPad-TC Thermocouple Data Logger DATAQ Instruments is proud to release model EL-EnviroPad-TC, a thermocouple data logger that features battery operation, a huge data storage memory, and a built-in touch-sensitive color display. Designed for on-the-go measurements, the EL-EnviroPad-TC supports both snap-shot and long term data logger operating modes. Compatible Read More

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Product Preview

Data Acquisition > PLC > < href="">DI-159 PLC We’ve all been there: An application that needs to acquire data AND apply an element of control. Maybe it was a simple test against a limit threshold to set a digital output port. Maybe it was more complex like exerting control over an external process or test Read More

Jumping a DI-5B Module Socket

Data Acquisition > Mixed Measurements Use these pass-through connections to jumper a module socket so the channel passes through to the instrument: Connect "I/O Common" to "-In" Connect "Vout" to "+In"  Follow Us

Scaling Non-Zero Offsets With WINDAQ Software

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that a transducer, at a resting state, would output zero volts. In reality, this is rarely the case. Fortunately, features in WinDaq allow you to scale non-zero offsets. Using real-world examples, our updated application note on the subject shows you how to factor in DC offsets Read More

Strain Gage-Based Transducer and Amplifier Selection and Calibration

Data Acquisition > Mixed Measurements Check out our updated application note on the selection and calibration of amplifiers for strain-gage based transducers. This is an in-depth guide to selecting a transducer/amplifier combination based on supply voltage (excitation) requirements and the sensitivity (gage factor) of both the transducer and amplifier. Scaling to display engineering units (lbs, psi, etc.) using Read More