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How To Choose Strain Gage-based Transducers for PC-based Data Acquisition Applications

Data Acquisition > Mixed Measurements PC-based data acquisition and logger products can be applied to monitor, record and analyze a wide range of signal types. However few are more common than strain gage-based transducers that measure a diverse range of mechanical properties like pressure, load, force, and more. This application note explores some critical items Read More

Bandwidth and DI-8B/DI-5B Series Signal Conditioning Modules

Data Acquisition > Mixed Measurements Suppose you’re browsing the DATAQ web site looking for a DI-8B series, analog voltage module to acquire a 10V peak-to-peak, 100Hz waveform. You come across the DI-8B31-02. It’s an analog voltage module; it has a full scale measurement range of ±5V, perfect. Not so fast! The DI-8B31-02 has a bandwidth Read More