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GL240 and GL840 E-mail Alerts

The B-568 wireless option gives Graphtec GL840 and GL240 users the ability to send an E-mail alert when an alarm condition is detected, when WiFi signal strength is weak, when the battery is low (in stand-alone mode), or when the SD memory card is nearly full. Email Alarm Notification These instructions assume that you’ve already Read More

EL-WIFI-Alert Alarm Indicator

Data Logger > Wireless > EL-WiFi Series The stand-alone EL-WIFI-Alert alarm indicator is an add-on for EL-WIFI series temperature and humidity data loggers. The EL-WIFI-Alert produces an audible and visual alert when an alarm level on any of your EL-WIFI temperature and humidity data loggers (installed on the same wireless network) is breached. Note that Read More