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Six Ways To Deploy Model DI-71X Ethernet Data Loggers and Data Acquisition Systems

Data Acquisition > Ethernet Introduction Of all the ways you can connect a data logger or data acquisition system to a PC, none is more flexible, or offers more exciting possibilities than Ethernet. This application note explores six approaches to deploying Ethernet versions of our DI-71X Data Logger products (DI-710, -715B, -718B). I hope that Read More

Nothing is Found in the DATAQ IP Manager When Attempting to Run WinDaq with a DI-720/730 Ethernet Instrument

Data Acquisition > Ethernet In the last few months, a number of customers have reported that their DI-720/730 Ethernet instruments were no longer appearing in the DATAQ Instruments IP Manager. In fact, nothing appears at all, not even a Synced or Un-Synced group. Following some investigation here at DATAQ, it became apparent that a Windows Read More

NEW GL7000 Data Acquisition and Data Logger System

Data Logger > Graphtec > GL7000 Multi-function modular system provides a selection of amplifiers to suit any application DATAQ Instruments is proud to announce the release of the extremely versatile GL7000 Data Acquisition and Data Logger System. Its modular construction provides the ability to build the exact system your application requires. Features Modular construction. A Read More