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NEW GL7000 Data Acquisition and Data Logger System


GL7000 Data Acquisition and Data Logger SystemMulti-function modular system provides a selection of amplifiers to suit any application

DATAQ Instruments is proud to announce the release of the extremely versatile GL7000 Data Acquisition and Data Logger System. Its modular construction provides the ability to build the exact system your application requires.


  • Modular construction. A selection of amplifiers tailors the system to address any data acquisition application.
  • A range of isolated analog amplifiers support measurements from millivolts to hundreds of volts, as well as thermocouple- and RTD-based temperature measurements.
  • A logic and pulse input amplifier module provides 16 channels of discrete and/or pulse inputs for state, counting, and rotational rate recording along with analog data.
  • Included alarm module allows 10 alarm outputs that may be triggered by any combination of measured analog or discrete channel levels. The alarm outputs can drive loads up to 50 V and 2 A.
  • Programmable sample intervals address the full spectrum of high- and low-speed measurements, from one sample per microsecond to one sample per hour.
  • Stand-alone or PC-connected operation using included PC side software.
  • Stand-alone recording to built-in RAM memory for speed, removable SD memory, USB thumb drive, and flash memory for non-volatile recordings.
  • Optional 64 GB, high-speed SSD memory for non-volatile recording sessions as fast as 1 MHz per channel and file sizes up to 2 GB.
  • Built-in USB and Ethernet interfaces allow operation as a direct-connected PC-based instrument or a remote Web-based server.
  • Optional, detachable touch-screen allows local instrument configuration and real time display.
  • Flexible pre- and post-triggering options give you complete control over when and how data is recorded.
  • Unique backup feature allows measurements to be automatically backed up over definable intervals to non-volatile SD and SSD memory, or pushed to a local or remote FTP file server.
  • Multiple GL7000 instruments may be daisy-chained to provide expanded and synchronous operation.

Go to the GL7000 Data Acquisiton and Data Logger System product page to learn more and place an order

More modules are expected to be released in the coming months.


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