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USB or Ethernet: Which Do I Choose?

Data Acquisition > USB or Ethernet When deciding between a USB and Ethernet interface, it’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both. In this application note I’ll outline the benefits (and drawbacks) of each interface; helping you to choose the best product for you’re application. When it comes to an instrument with a Read More

Wireless Data Acquisition Hits the Roof at SAFECO Field

Data Acquisition > Ethernet As seen in Desktop Engineering, May 2001 You spend all day slaving over charts and numbers. It’s nice to get away from work and enjoy yourself. Maybe you’ll take in a baseball game. At least data acquisition won’t be able to find you there… or so you think. You’d be wrong Read More

“Cannot allocate socket” Error when Attempting to Set a Static IP Address

Data Acquisition > Ethernet It has come to our attention that many Windows 7 and 8 users are having difficulty assigning static IP addresses to their DI-710, DI-718B and DI-718Bx Ethernet instruments. When choosing ‘Set Static’ from the DATAQ Instruments Hardware Manager pull-down menu, they receive a “Cannot allocate socket” error. The error is the result of security Read More