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WinDaq/XL Real-time Bridging Software

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq > Add-ons WinDaq/XL is real-time bridging software that allows users to stream data from WinDaq data acquisition software or the WinDaq Waveform Browser, into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Once there, users can take full advantage of Excels exceptional ability to perform calculations and chart data. Since it’s initial release Read More

Data Acquisition in Microsoft Excel—How to Import Recorded Data

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq > WinDaq/XL In our experience, Microsoft Excel is the most popular application for waveform analysis. Our customers ask about porting waveform data to Excel more so than all other applications combined. In response, DATAQ Instruments’ developed WinDaq/XL to allow users of WinDaq software (both recording and playback software) to Read More

Export-to-Excel Add-on Beta for WinDaq Waveform Browsers

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq Ask customers what they want to do with acquired data, and the vast majority answer, “Take it to Excel.” Although our WinDaq Playback software has always supported an Excel-compatible CSV export option, the process was cumbersome and not very flexible. We fixed that. DATAQ Instruments is proud to announce Read More

Using Graphtec’s PC-based APS Software to Create Reports in Excel

Data Logger > Graphtec For use with Graphtec Data Loggers, Graphtec’s PC-based APS software allows you to create daily or monthly reports by streaming data, in real time, into Microsoft Excel.  Follow Us

Create an Excel Macro to Add Seconds to DI-160 Event Data Logger Files

Data Acquisition > Event, State, Count > DI-160 Microsoft Excel automatically assigns a date/time format to files generated by the DI-160 Event, State and Count data logger that does not include seconds (mm/dd/yyyy, hh:mm). As a result, events that occur more often than once a second appear in the data file with the same date/time Read More