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Dual-Channel Wireless Temperature Data Loggers

Data Logger > Wireless DATAQ Instruments is pleased to introduce the EL-WIFI-DTC and EL-WIFI-DTP+. These dual-channel wireless (802.11b compliant) temperature data loggers are capable of buffering over 1,000,000 temperature readings and transmitting that data to a PC via a WiFi router. The EL-WIFI-DTC can acquire temperature from -270 to 1300°C (-454 to 2372°F) using J, Read More

How to Manage Dynamic IP Addresses In Data Acquisition Applications Over the Internet

Data Acquisition > Ethernet Introduction One of the most exciting applications for DI-71X (DI-710, -715B, -718B) Ethernet products is to acquire data from anywhere in the world over the Internet. Although setting up IP addresses is a straightforward procedure in this situation, the approach potentially suffers from one troubling flaw: IP addresses assigned by an Read More

Introducing the All-new EL-WiFi-TP Wireless Temperature Data Logger

Data Logger > Lascar > EL-WiFi Series > EL-WiFi-TH Several weeks ago we announced the addition of the EL-WiFi-TH to our product line. The EL-WiFi-TH allows you to acquire temperature and humidity data, and then access that data wirelessly via your WiFi network. Our latest addition, the EL-WiFi-TP gives you the ability to acquire temperature Read More

Configuring the All-new EL-WiFi-TH Using EasyLog WiFi Software

Data Logger > Lascar > EL-WiFi Series EasyLog WiFi software allows you to easily configure your EL-WiFi-TH wireless temperature and humidity data logger, and upload and analyze recorded data. Once the EL-WiFi software is installed, with the EL-WiFi-TH connected via USB, you can disconnect the 802.11b compliant data logger from the PC and configure it Read More

Connecting to your Temperature Alert LAN-based Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Data Logger > Wireless > Temperature Alert The ‘Connection Settings’ tab allows you to choose a hard-wired Ethernet or WiFi connection.  You can configure the Temperature Alert data logger a for DHCP or static operation, and scan for wireless networks.  Follow Us