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Dual-Channel Wireless Temperature Data Loggers


DATAQ Instruments is pleased to introduce the EL-WIFI-DTC and EL-WIFI-DTP+. These dual-channel wireless (802.11b compliant) temperature data loggers are capable of buffering over 1,000,000 temperature readings and transmitting that data to a PC via a WiFi router.

dual-channel temperature data loggers

The EL-WIFI-DTC can acquire temperature from -270 to 1300°C (-454 to 2372°F) using J, K, N or T-type thermocouples. Two 1.5 meter K-type thermocouple probes are included.

The EL-WIFI-DTP+ can acquire temperature from -40 to 125°C (-40 to 257°F), with an accuracy of ±0.2°C, using thermistor probes. Two 3 meter thermistor probes are included with the logger.

Both loggers include downloadable EasyLog WiFi Sensor software, allowing you to configure alarms, choose a temperature scale (C or F) and set sample & transmit intervals.

dual-channel temperature data loggers

In addition to setup and configuration, EasyLog WiFi Sensor software allows you to view and analyze  recorded data using a built in graph utility, and save that data in Microsoft Excel format with a single mouse click.

dual-channel temperature data loggers

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