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For my instrument R&D project, I needed to be able to acquire data at brisk speeds from voltage, current, and frequency inputs simultaneously. After trying other data acquisition systems, some too simple and others too time-consuming (NI), I specified the Dataq DI-715B-U, the high speed WinDaq software, and appropriate input modules. It has proven to be very easy to setup and use, and it works perfectly. The software provides statistical analysis, the data files are amazingly compact, and the data can be easily copied into spreadsheet or text formats. Dataq is the one!

Mike Kapala
Sr. Project Engineer
PTI Technologies Inc.  

"I have used Dataq products for over a decade for physiological recording and analysis. They are far superior to the several other systems I've seen. Special features include robust, intuitive recording and playback modes, data integrity (you can't misalign data or irrevocably lose calibrations as in other systems that manage separate channels as individual files), a relatively complete analysis tool kit that is easy to use, and excellent graphics that you don't have to configure yourself. Best of all, the technical support is quickly available, always, whether asking about repairs/upgrades or for help with unusual applications. As often as not, I get the president of the company to answer the question!"

Stephen H. Loring, M.D.
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

"We have been using DATAQ products at John Deere Product Engineering System for 7 to 8 years now. We currently have around 30 units in use around our facility. WinDaq has proved to be easily set-up and operated by our technicians. Now that the engineers can use the WinDaq Waveform Browser to view, edit and manipulate the data collected without an intermediate step, the demand for data collected with these systems keeps increasing."

Don Dunnwald
John Deere

"I am a decade-long fan and user of DATAQ Instruments equipment and software. Every DATAQ Instruments system I've owned worked just as advertised right out of the box. In a time where computer software and hardware conflicts are subtle and often require time-consuming adjustments, it's a pleasure knowing that when you turn on the system, it works right every time."

Bari Oliver
College of Veterinary Medicine
Michigan State University

"We have used your hardware products with associated WinDaq software and have been pleased with its operation. It is a great advance over the strip chart recorders we have used in the past. We can now take the data straight into a spreadsheet and manipulate it. I like using your hardware."

Ray Wheeler
Research Engineer
Umpqua Research Co.

"I am very happy with DATAQ's DI-500 series equipment. It was easy to learn and use. The ability to view gathered data while gathering new data in the background is tremendous. The intuitive nature of the playback software now means that I, as the test engineer, can turn the mouse over to the designer and let him noodle around with the data. I get to go for coffee and relax. The data is easily migrated to our in-house analysis package as well as Excel, etc. DATAQ has great software and reliable hardware that's good for our on-vehicle testing. It's rugged, and leaves us with no worries about vibration-induced problems."

Dave Ikonen 
Test Engineer
Caterpillar Ag Products, Inc.

"Motion Lab Systems has used DATAQ data acquisition devices as a data collection and display device with our EMG systems since 1987. The DI-720-USB, together with the WinDaq acquisition and display software, provide a real-time solution to analog data collection and monitoring that is easier to use than any other product.

Both our customers and ourselves have always been very happy with the products and the support provided by DATAQ. The products shipped on-time and work reliably on arrival. Technical support for both hardware and software problems in the field has always been excellent."

Edmund Cramp
Motion Labs Systems, Inc.

"DATAQ hardware and software offers a great deal of flexibility. I have used DATAQ equipment to develop custom programs developed in C programming language. The low-level DATAQ commands helped include several timing and control features (using digital I/O operations). The detailed and organized documentation supplied by DATAQ was extremely helpful in developing these programs.

The bottom line is this: the data equipment, software, documentation and technical support let me do data collection without becoming an electrical engineer. I was able to get up and running in one day; I have spent several months programming other equipment before actually collecting data."

Chris Hyde

"I have been a fan of your company for years, and have never hesitated to refer others to DATAQ for data acquisition solutions. Your products offer an unparalleled cost/benefit ratio -- very modest costs for a terrific solution to data acquisition needs. I am most grateful for the continuous support you provide and applaud your open approach to software."

Arthur M Sherwood, P.E., Ph.D. 
Research Career Scientist and Scientific Director
Rehab R&D Center on Healthy Aging with Disabilities

"I have found DATAQ's products to be of high quality and also very easy to use. This is critical as I build A/D collection systems and then pass them on to technicians who do not have the time to learn arcane programming commands. DATAQ has consistently been the best I have found for user friendliness and good value."

R.T. Hamilton
Chemical Engineer
company name withheld

"The data analysis tools that you provide with the program are outstanding and easy to use. I appreciate that while one can generate derived and calculated data, one always has access to the raw data as collected to verify how the system is performing. The statistical analyses, FFT and advanced CODAS functions are all excellent and useful components.

Since you have added the extreme bonus with WinDaq Pro+ of being able to sample channels at different rates and to multiplex many channels into one file, the need for us to synchronize multiple computers running WinDaq at different sampling speeds has been eliminated. Three years ago in Japan, we had three computers running at 2 Hz, 200 Hz and 200 Hz with synch signals so we could collect 48 channels from highly instrumented horses running on a treadmill. Now we can do all of this with just a single DI-720 and expansion multiplexer.

I would highly recommend your products to anyone who wants outstanding flexibility and ease of use in their data collection system, maximum portability, intuitive and powerful data analysis tools available to apply to their data after collection, and the reliability of a company that stands behind their products and customers."

James H. Jones, Ph.D., DVM
Professor of Comparative Physiology
School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California

"I have been a customer of DATAQ Instruments for over 13 years and have purchased a wide variety of data acquisition products. DATAQ products have always been the easiest and most versatile data acquisition products we have used in our life sciences laboratories. Hardware and software are well documented and meet very high standards of reliability and accuracy. I have also been very impressed with your technical support. It's nice to be able to call your organization and speak with someone who really knows the product and can solve problems directly and honestly. Few suppliers today provide this level of technical support."

John Moroz
Laboratory Manager, Department of Kinesiology
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario