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BMA-931 Biomedical Amplifier

BMA-931 Biopotential Amplifier

For Biopotential Signals Such As ECG, EMG, ENG, EGG, etc.

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Product Highlights

The BMA-931 is a high performance, low-noise, AC/DC preamplifier. It's well suited for conditioning a variety of biopotential signals, including ECG, EEG, EMG, EGG, ENG, and evoked potentials. The modular design, wide gain range, sharp cutoff bandpass filters, and true DC response make the BMA-931 an excellent choice as a primary recording amplifier Plugging the low-noise ISO-Z isolated head-stage into the BMA-931 makes an ideal combination for recording signals from human subjects. For high-impedance intra-cellular or extra-cellular microelectrode work, just plug the super-Z ultra-high input impedance head-stage into the BMA-931. When isolation or ultra-high input impedance aren't required, the BMA-931 can be used alone for economical performance.

BMA-931 Specifications(1)

(1) The BMA-931 IS NOT to be used for human life support applications.
(2) Gain extended to x500,000 with head-stage.