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CT-1000 Cardiotachometer

For the Determination of Heart Rate or Beat-to-Beat Interval

CT-1000 Cardiotachometer

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Product Highlights

The CT-1000 is a combined ECG amplifier, R-wave detector, and rate meter for the determination of heart rate (beats/minute) or beat-to-beat interval (mS). Input can be either a direct electrode connection, or a high-level signal. A TTL detect pulse is provided for external use, and a polarity reversal switch allows the amplifier to be used with any ECG lead. An amplified ECG signal is available on the card edge connector, as is an inhibit input for external gating of the R-wave function. The CT-1000 is compatible with the ISO-Z isolated head-stage for patient-connected applications.

CT-1000 Specifications(1)

(1) The CT-1000 IS NOT to be used for human life support applications.