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Signal Conditioning For Biomedical Applications

Isolated Amplifier Head-Stages | Transducer Amplifiers for Pressure & Force Measurement | General Purpose Biomedical Amplifier | Biomedical Amplifier Accessories

Isolated Amplifier Head-Stages

Product Description
Iso-Z Isolated amplifier head-stage.
Super-Z Isolated, ultra-high input impedance head stage.

Transducer Amplifiers for Pressure and Force Measurement

Product Description
PA-931 Low cost transducer amplifier.
PM-1000 High performance transducer amplifier.

General Purpose Biomedical Amplifiers

Product Description
BMA-931 General purpose amplifier well suited for ECG, EEG, EMG, EGG, ENG, etc.
CT-1000 Cardiotachometer amplifier for determining heart rate or interval.
MA-1000 Moving averager for quantifying EMG and ENG signals.

Biomedical Amplifier Accessories

Product Description
CC-1000 19", 6-slot amplifier cage with power supply (110/220VAC, 50/60Hz) and power-supply-to-cage cable.
CC-1000/NP 19", 6-slot amplifier cage without power supply.
CC-1000/CP Cover plate for empty CC-1000 cage slots.
CC-1000/BM Blank module for custom designs.
DTE-1000 Desktop enclosure for CC-1000 and CC-1000/NP cages.
SMPA Single Module Power Adapter for biomedical amplifiers.