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MA-1000 Biomedical Amplifier

MA-1000 Moving Averager

For the Accurate Quantification of EMG and ENG Signals

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Product Highlights

The MA-1000 consists of an adjustable-gain input buffer, a precision full-wave rectifier, and a moving averager circuit. It is used for the accurate quantification of electromyogram (EMG) and electroneurogram (ENG) signals. The moving averaging circuit is a 3rd order Paynter low-pass filter that creates a contoured or smoothed envelope around the rectified signal, with selectable degrees of smoothing. Smoothing is accomplished by the selection of a time constant, conveniently implemented by front panel pushbutton switches.

MA-1000 Specifications(1)

(1) The MA-1000 IS NOT to be used for human patient-connected applications.