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PA-931 Low Cost Transducer Amplifier

Economical Alternative to the PM-1000

PA-931 Low Cost Transducer Amplifier

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Product Highlights

The PA-931 offers an economical alternative to the PM-1000, and provides the same level of compatibility with a wide range of resistive and solid state transducers. The PA-931 is a good choice for cost-sensitive applications that don't demand the PM-1000's high degree of measurement flexibility. Instead of the PM-1000's nine-step attenuator, the PA-931's design substitutes a ten-turn sensitivity control and a 10x/100x range switch. The six-position, low-pass filter switch on the PM-1000 is replaced by a three-position switch on the PA-931, providing passive mean and 1kHz selections. Up to six PA-931 modules will fit in any DI-1000 Series module cage. Like the PM-1000, the PA-931 IS NOT designed for human-patient-connected (clinical) blood pressure applications.

PA-931 Specifications(1)

(1) The PA-931 IS NOT to be used for human patient-connected applications.