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PM-1000 High Performance Transducer Amplifier

PM-1000 High Performance Transducer Amplifier

For Pressure and Force Measurements

PM-1000 High Performance Transducer Amplifier Data SheetDownload the PM-1000 High Performance Transducer Amplifier Data Sheet

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Product Highlights

The PM-1000 is a DC-type bridge amplifier designed for use with most resistive bridge transducers and solid state pressure transducers. When paired with the appropriate transducers, it's ideal for measuring mouth pressure, force, or acceleration. When used with a pneumotach and differential transducer, it can also be used to measure airflow. The PM-1000 can be used as a low drift, differential DC amplifier with a wide gain range. Variable low-pass active filters, including a mean pressure function, allow the frequency response to be tailored to eliminate vibration signals or other noise. Up to six PM-1000 modules can be accommodated in any DI-1000 Series module cage. The PM-1000 IS NOT designed for human-patient-connected (clinical) blood pressure applications.

PM-1000 Specifications(1)

(1) The PM-1000 IS NOT to be used for human patient-connected applications.