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Super-Z Ultra-High Input Impedance

Super-Z Ultra-High Input Impedance Head Stage

For Intra- and Extra-Cellular Microelectrode Work

Super-Z Ultra-High Input Impedance Head-Stage Data SheetDownload the Super-Z Ultra-High Input Impedance Head-Stage Data Sheet





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Super-Z High input impedance head-stage for the BMA-931. $585 Qty: 
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Product Highlights

The Super-Z is an auxiliary ultra-high impedance amplifier head-stage for use with the BMA-931 bioamplifier module. FET electrometer input buffers are used to create the highest possible input impedance. That high impedance means the Super-Z can be used with any type of electrode, including tiny ion-specific microelectrodes, so it's well-suited for use in studying high-impedance cell-level signals. A stable input DC offset control allows you to null out electrode polarization potentials or other offset voltages, which can interfere with measurement accuracy. The Super-Z's switchable x1/x10 gain provides an overall range of 50 to 500,000x when used with the BMA-931. A five-step DC calibrator is standard. performance.

BMA-931 Specifications(1)

(1) The Super-Z IS NOT to be used for human life support applications.