Fast Start Guide

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Fast Start Guide

WinDaq Waveform Browser (WWB) interprets and analyzes data during or after acquisition to disk. Make timing and amplitude measurements, review event markers, overlap waveforms to examine interdependencies, cut and paste portions of the waveform for export, and do all forms of interpretive analysis.


Follow the basic steps presented here for a fast start to your first waveform playback and analysis session. These fast start steps outline the condensed procedure for reviewing waveforms. You will perform most of these functions every time you review data with WinDaq Waveform Browser.


Step 1 Moving around in the data file

Step 2 Time and data display

Step 3 Making waveform measurements with the cursor

Step 4 Getting a bird's eye view of all the data or a portion of the data

Step 5 Making statistics measurements

Step 6 Exporting to Excel


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