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DATAQ Software Upgrade Center

Link Description
WinDaq Software (full package) All versions (includes WinDaq Waveform Browser (WWB))
WinDaq Playback and Analysis Software WinDaq Waveform Browser (WWB), WWB for MMC, WWB for GE, Advanced CODAS
EL-USB Data Loggers (different site) Lascar EasyLog Data Loggers
Graphtec Data Loggers (different site) Graphtec Data Logger software for GL220, GL820, GL900, and MT100
DI-159 PLC Terminal program, Drivers, and Example Programs
DI-160 Event Data Logger DATAQ Instruments DI-160 Event Data Logger Software
DI-161 Event Data Logger DATAQ Instruments DI-161 Event Data Logger Software
WinDaq/XL DATAQ Instruments WinDaq/XL software for use with Microsoft Excel
ActiveX Controls DATAQ Instruments ActiveX Controls
Miscellaneous Software Programmers SDK, WinDaq/Scope, AT CODAS, DI-400 Configuration, and more
3rd Party Drivers LabView, TestPoint, Visual Basic, and more.
Help Files DATAQ Instruments help files for WinDaq, ActiveX Controls and other software.