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WinDaq data acquisition software provides real time display and disk streaming for the Windows environment.

How to Acquire Pressure Data Using a 4-20mA Pressure Transmitter

As mentioned in an earlier post, acquiring pressure data is a common and important data acquisition application. Whether you’re dealing with air, fuel or water, pressure data can be an invaluable decision-making resource. In this application note, we’ll demonstrate the ease with which you can acquire pressure data using a 0-100 psig 4-20 mA pressure Read More

WinDaq/XL and Graphics Acceleration Crashing WinDaq

It has come to our attention that a graphics setting in Microsoft Excel can cause our WinDaq data acquisition software to crash (freeze), and significantly slow down your PC when running the WinDaq/XL real-time bridging software. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that involves disabling graphics acceleration. We’ll show you how! Disabling Hardware Graphics Acceleration in Read More

Reset the WinDaq Header to Clear Up ‘Illegal Header Value’ Errors

From time to time, when opening a data file in the WinDaq Waveform Browser, you may see a pop-up message indicating that that there is an illegal header value, some number of bytes from the start of the file. Often times, this is the result of a faulty configuration parameter (scaling, memory configuration, etc.). To Read More

Using a Low-Pass Filter to Clean Up Noisy Signals

Often, you’ll need to acquire signals at very high sample rates. Higher sample rates allow you to capture voltage transients, or events that occur in a very short period of time. And since all channels in WinDaq are sampled at the same rate, you might get the results you’re looking for on some channels, and Read More

Using the Time Marker and Cursor for Data Analysis

When acquiring and analyzing data, it’s often useful to isolate a particular event, or area of interest. When dealing with very large data files, containing days, weeks or even months of data, this may seem like a daunting task. In this application note, we’ll demonstrate the ability in the WinDaq Waveform Browser, using the ‘Time Read More

Convert and Combine WinDaq Files in Microsoft Excel Format

Getting data into Microsoft Excel format is one of the most common customer requests. Often times customers are dealing with numerous data files, and the prospect of manually converting those files, one-by-one, into .CSV format. Fortunately, the software engineering team here at DATAQ has a solution! In conjunction with the WINDH32.EXE (WinDaq Waveform Browser), the Read More

A Meter Display for WinDaq Data Acquisition Software

The question often arises, “Is there a way to display the actual values in WinDaq?”. While real-time numerical data is displayed in WinDaq data acquisition software along with a real-time graph, some customers might prefer to display data in a larger “meter-style” graphical format. Fortunately, there’s a WinDaq add-on that allows you to do just Read More

Making Pressure Measurements with the DI-1100 Starter Kit

As discussed in a previous post, acquiring pressure data for review and analysis is a common and important data acquisition application. In this application note, we’ll demonstrate the ease with which pressure data can be displayed, archived and analyzed on the cheap using DATAQ Instruments model DI-1100 starter kit, WinDaq data acquisition software and the Read More

Is the Windows Defender Firewall Blocking WinDaq?

The WinDaq Dashboard allows you to view all WinDaq-compatible instruments connected to your PC, run independent WinDaq applications for those devices, and display and acquire data synchronously from multiple ChannelStretch™ -enabled instruments in a single WinDaq application. To do so however, you may need to allow the WinDaq Dashboard application through the Windows Firewall. In Read More

MATLAB Support for Data Acquisition Starter Kits

We are happy to announce the availability of MATLAB scripts for our data acquisition starter kits that specifically support our low-cost starter kit models DI-145, DI-149, DI-155, and DI-245. MATLAB is an analytical tool that is especially popular at the university level, and anywhere signal analysis is performed. The scripts we’ve released allow data to be Read More