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DI-808 Firmware Updates

Periodic firmware updates for the DI-808 web-based data logger will include bug fixes, performances improvements and/or feature additions. You can download the latest revision of the DI-808 firmware at: To update your DI-808 firmware: 1. Locate a USB drive, ensuring that it is does not have any user files on its root. Any folders Read More

Trouble Communicating With Your Ethernet Connected DI-720 or DI-730 EN-B

Data Acquisition > Ethernet On This Page Symptoms Cause Resolution Verify that you’re installing the latest version of WinDaq Verify that your Network Interface Card (NIC) has a static IP address Disable any wireless connections Verify Windows Firewall settings Run the DATAQ IP Manager as an administrator Make sure that your Ethernet cables are not Read More

Error Binding UDP Port 1234

Data Acquisition > Ethernet It’s come to our attention that some DI-720/730 Ethernet users are having trouble communicating with their instruments. Upon running the DATAQ TCP/IP Manager, users receive an error message stating that there is an “Error Binding UDP Port 1234” and that the IP Manager cannot continue. We are working hard to determine Read More

Networked Data Acquisition Using WinDaq Software

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq Using WinDaq software and the client networking capabilities built into all Windows Operating Systems, you can monitor acquired data remotely in virtual real time via the WinDaq Waveform Browser (free download!). You can monitor a single data acquisition device or several simultaneously from the comfort and safety of your Read More

WiFi Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition > Ethernet Four Easy Steps to WiFi Data Acquisition Wireless fidelity, also know as WiFi, is a term used to describe wireless networking technology. Instead of using cables to move data through an Ethernet network, WiFi uses radio waves, eliminating the need for a physical connection to send and receive data. This allows Read More

“Cannot allocate socket” Error when Attempting to Set a Static IP Address

Data Acquisition > Ethernet It has come to our attention that many Windows 7 and 8 users are having difficulty assigning static IP addresses to their DI-710, DI-718B and DI-718Bx Ethernet instruments. When choosing ‘Set Static’ from the DATAQ Instruments Hardware Manager pull-down menu, they receive a “Cannot allocate socket” error. The error is the result of security Read More

Nothing is Found in the DATAQ IP Manager When Attempting to Run WinDaq with a DI-720/730 Ethernet Instrument

Data Acquisition > Ethernet In the last few months, a number of customers have reported that their DI-720/730 Ethernet instruments were no longer appearing in the DATAQ Instruments IP Manager. In fact, nothing appears at all, not even a Synced or Un-Synced group. Following some investigation here at DATAQ, it became apparent that a Windows Read More