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Error Binding UDP Port 1234


It’s come to our attention that some DI-720/730 Ethernet users are having trouble communicating with their instruments. Upon running the DATAQ TCP/IP Manager, users receive an error message stating that there is an “Error Binding UDP Port 1234” and that the IP Manager cannot continue. We are working hard to determine the cause of the problem, which at this point seems unrelated to the DI-720/730s themselves. In the meantime, there is a simple workaround to get customers encountering this error up and running.

The workaround involves disabling and re-enabling the network interface controller (NIC).

To do so (using Windows 7 or 8):

1.)    If the DATAQ IP Manager is running, shut it down.

2.)    Make sure that the DI-7×0-EN is powered up and connected to your PC.

3.)    Navigate to the Windows Control Panel, choose ‘Network and Internet’ and select ‘View network status and tasks’ from the Network and Sharing Center group.

4.)    In the Network and Sharing Center, choose ‘Change adaptor settings’.

5.)    Select the Local Area Connection (the network interface controller NIC that the DI-7×0 is connected to) and click ‘Disable this network device’.


6.)    Once disabled, click ‘Enable this network device’ to re-enable the network card.


With the NIC disabled and re-enabled, you can run the DATAQ IP Manager normally, select you DI-720/730 and choose ‘Start WinDaq’.


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