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Wireless Data Loggers allow you to acquire data in real time over any existing wireless network.

NEW Wireless Data Logger for Temperature Measurements

Data Logger > Wireless NEW Wireless Data Logger EL-WiFi-T Measures Temperature from -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F) DATAQ is proud to announce the release of the latest EL-WiFi Data Logger, a low-cost series of data loggers that feature wireless communication to any PC over just about any wireless network (802.11b-compliant). Each wireless data logger Read More

Introducing the All-new EL-WiFi-TP Wireless Temperature Data Logger

Data Logger > Lascar > EL-WiFi Series > EL-WiFi-TH Several weeks ago we announced the addition of the EL-WiFi-TH to our product line. The EL-WiFi-TH allows you to acquire temperature and humidity data, and then access that data wirelessly via your WiFi network. Our latest addition, the EL-WiFi-TP gives you the ability to acquire temperature Read More

Configuring the All-new EL-WiFi-TH Using EasyLog WiFi Software

Data Logger > Lascar > EL-WiFi Series EasyLog WiFi software allows you to easily configure your EL-WiFi-TH wireless temperature and humidity data logger, and upload and analyze recorded data. Once the EL-WiFi software is installed, with the EL-WiFi-TH connected via USB, you can disconnect the 802.11b compliant data logger from the PC and configure it Read More

Wireless Data loggers Offer Remote Measurement Access

Data Logger > Wireless DATAQ Instruments is proud to announce the availability of the vanguard in a new line of wireless data loggers. Model EL-WiFi-TH is a battery-operated wireless data logger that supports the 801.11b WiFi standard and measures both ambient temperature and humidity.  This is the first wireless data logger in a line of Read More

Additional Features of the Temperature Alert LAN-based Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Data Logger > Wireless > Temperature Alert The Temperature Alert home page includes a XML feed and gives you the ability to view log files containing historical temperature and humidity data.  Follow Us