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Wireless Data loggers Offer Remote Measurement Access

Model EL-WiFi-TH Wireless Data Logger

Our new model EL-WiFi-TH Wireless Data Logger for temperature and humidity measurements is available for sale.

DATAQ Instruments is proud to announce the availability of the vanguard in a new line of wireless data loggers. Model EL-WiFi-TH is a battery-operated wireless data logger that supports the 801.11b WiFi standard and measures both ambient temperature and humidity.  This is the first wireless data logger in a line of new products that will eventually duplicate the measurement functions of the EL-USB line of USB-based data loggers.


Wireless data loggers offer convenience

Model EL-WiFi-TH is small in size (about the size of a baseball card), but huge in features. It offers a very deep built-in, non-volatile memory of 500,000 readings, high and low alarm set points for both temperature and humidity, an IP55 rating to resist dust and water spray, and much more.

Wireless, remote access to your important measurements is a convenience factor that’s hard to beat. All data stored in the data logger’s memory is seamlessly uploaded to any PC on the same network running the EL-WiFi’s management software. From there, data may be reviewed, analyzed along with time and date, and instantly exported to Excel for detailed analysis and report generation. Finally, after initially configuring the wireless data logger via a hard-wired USB connection, the instrument can be quickly re-configured with ease over the wireless interface.

Everything you need to get started acquiring data from your network is included: You get the wireless data logger, a handy wall mount bracket, a USB cable (for initial configuration), and software. We’ve assembled much more information on the EL-WiFi-TH wireless data logger on our website at the following link:

Click here for all the details.



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