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Using the ‘Advanced Trigger ExcelLink’ Add-on to Stream Data into Excel

One of the most recognizable spreadsheet applications in the world, Microsoft Excel allows you to manipulate data, perform calculations and create custom graphs & charts. For many years, our WinDaq/XL bridging software has been the ultimate solution for customers interested in streaming data, in real time, directly into an Excel spreadsheet. Once there, users could take Read More

How to Determine the ‘Status’ of Your Data Logger in Stand-alone Mode (Out of Sight)

This blog post assumes that you have the latest firmware installed on your DI-2000 or DI-4000 series instrument. For instructions on downloading and installing the latest firmware, go to All DI-2000 and DI-4000 series data loggers feature a multi-color LED, indicating the device status when recording data in stand-alone mode (to a USB flash Read More

Using a Low-Pass Filter to Clean Up Noisy Signals

Often, you’ll need to acquire signals at very high sample rates. Higher sample rates allow you to capture voltage transients, or events that occur in a very short period of time. And since all channels in WinDaq are sampled at the same rate, you might get the results you’re looking for on some channels, and Read More

Using Data Acquisition Products to Test Hydraulic Actuators

Note: The DI-740 mentioned below is now obsolete. Consider instead the DI-808 or DI-2008. Both the DI-808 and DI-2008 include a 15VDC excitation supply, feature eight differential and isolated analog input channels, and programmable measurement ranges up to ±50V full scale.  It’s a critical constraint that demands a critical measurement: Your control signal says “NOW!” to a hydraulic actuator. How Read More