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Send in Any DI-720/730 (working, or not) for 30% Off a Brand New Unit



Send us that damaged or obsolete DI-720 or DI-730 that’s been sitting on the shelf gathering dust, and get 30% off the cost of a new instrument. That’s a savings of up to $1,017 per unit!

DI-720 DI-730 trade-in

For a limited time, DATAQ Instruments is offering 30% off the cost of a new DI-720 or DI-730 data acquisition system, when you send us your old – working or non-working – unit.

To qualify for the trade-in discount, you must have a ship-to and bill-to address in the United States, Canada or Mexico. And while there is no cap on the number of units that can be returned in exchange for the discount, a DI-720 can only be returned for another DI-720 and a DI-730 for a DI-730 (USB or Ethernet).

In addition, if you’ve purchased a WinDaq/Pro or Pro+ license (or licenses) in the past, you can receive a FREE software update for each license purchased. This offer is valid regardless of whether or not the Pro or Pro+ license was purchased at the same time as your DI-720 or DI-730. That’s a $200 per-license value, all by itself. So don’t delay, this is your opportunity to upgrade that old DI-730 with the obsolete printer-port interface to one that supports contemporary USB or Ethernet. Trade in several instruments for units with synchronous Ethernet technology (the DI-720-EN or DI-730-EN) and daisy-chain multiple units together over long distances with time-aligned precision from one unit to the next.

Here’s How the Trade-in Program Works

  1. Call DATAQ Instrument Support at 330-668-1444, extension 202.
  2. We’ll email you a quote for a brand new DI-720 or DI-730 at the discounted price. We’ll also quote a free WinDaq/Pro or WinDaq/Pro+ (assuming that you originally purchased at least one license) and issue you an RMA number to return your old DI-720 or DI-730.
  3. Return your old instrument using the issued RMA number along with a purchase order or credit card information to purchase a replacement.
  4. Expect to receive your new unit and software upgrade in about one week.

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