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Model DI-2108 High Speed USB Data Acquisition



USB Data Acquisition Power

Model DI-2108 USB data acquisition system is getting close to production and we want to share some of the great features of this low-cost, high-performance data acquisition system with you.

Up to 220 kHz Data Acquisition Throughput Rate
Observe fast phenomena that other products in the DI-2108 price range would miss. Each channel acquires data at 20,000 samples per second.

12- to 16-bit ADC Resolution
One product potentially addresses your measurement needs, from low to high resolution, as a function of sampling rate.

Low-pass Filter per Analog Channel
The DI-2108 employs a low-pass filter per analog channel  that reduces the risk of acquiring meaningless, aliased data. The filter is a CIC (cascaded integrator comb) type that uses as many as 512 samples per channel to calculate in real time as data is acquired. Learn more in the video below:

Visit the DI-2108 product page to download the data sheet, or download it directly here.


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