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Data Acquisition products and software and how to use them.

Using the ‘Advanced Trigger ExcelLink’ Add-on to Stream Data into Excel

One of the most recognizable spreadsheet applications in the world, Microsoft Excel allows you to manipulate data, perform calculations and create custom graphs & charts. For many years, our WinDaq/XL bridging software has been the ultimate solution for customers interested in streaming data, in real time, directly into an Excel spreadsheet. Once there, users could take Read More

How to Acquire Pressure Data Using a 4-20mA Pressure Transmitter

As mentioned in an earlier post, acquiring pressure data is a common and important data acquisition application. Whether you’re dealing with air, fuel or water, pressure data can be an invaluable decision-making resource. In this application note, we’ll demonstrate the ease with which you can acquire pressure data using a 0-100 psig 4-20 mA pressure Read More

WinDaq/XL and Graphics Acceleration Crashing WinDaq

It has come to our attention that a graphics setting in Microsoft Excel can cause our WinDaq data acquisition software to crash (freeze), and significantly slow down your PC when running the WinDaq/XL real-time bridging software. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that involves disabling graphics acceleration. We’ll show you how! Disabling Hardware Graphics Acceleration in Read More

Stand-alone Data Acquisition and Flash Memory

For years, DATAQ has offered a number of different flash memory solutions for stand-alone data acquisition. Beginning with standard 2GB max capacity SD-style cards for older DI-710/718 series data loggers, progressing to the 32 GB thumb-style USB drives, included with contemporary DI-2000 and DI-4000 series instruments. With maximum sample rates on the order of 14.4 Read More

Stand-Alone Date/Time Stamps in Microsoft Excel

A critical component of data acquisition, date/time stamps allow you to determine the status of your device under test at a particular instant in time. How that date/time stamp is displayed, and the precision (to the nearest tenth or hundredth of a second) can be quite subjective. Some like to see the date first (mm/dd/yyyy), Read More

Making Pressure Measurements with the DI-1100 Starter Kit

As discussed in a previous post, acquiring pressure data for review and analysis is a common and important data acquisition application. In this application note, we’ll demonstrate the ease with which pressure data can be displayed, archived and analyzed on the cheap using DATAQ Instruments model DI-1100 starter kit, WinDaq data acquisition software and the Read More

How to Determine Power Consumption Using a Current Probe with the DI-4108

In this article, I will show you how to display and record current (Amps) using a DATAQ Instruments model DI-4108-U, WinDaq data acquisition software and a 400 Amp AC/DC current probe (Electronic Specialties Model 697). I’ll use the current information to determine how much energy is used in a typical household appliance. I chose the Read More

Using LabVIEW With Your DATAQ Data Logger

In the realm of data acquisition, LabVIEW is one of the most oft-used programming environments. This application note describes step-by-step how to access a DI-2108, and virtually any other DATAQ Instruments data acquisition device (with modifications) using LabVIEW. To do so: 1.) Ensure that the 32-bit version of LabVIEW 2019 in installed on your PC. Click Read More

Python Support for the Latest Generation of DATAQ Products

DATAQ Instruments is pleased to offer Python programming support for model DI-245, DI-2008, DI-1100, DI-1110, DI-1120, DI-2108, DI-4108, DI-4208 and the upcoming DI-4718B. Python is a popular high level programming language, with a large and enthusiastic user base. When used in conjunction with the latest generation of DATAQ Instruments data loggers, Python allows you to Read More

What is Data Acquisition and Why is it Important?

Data Acquisition > Products First time visiting our Blog? Perhaps you entered a search term in Google and stumbled across the site? If so, you might be asking yourself “What is all this ‘data acquisition’ stuff?” Data Acquisition Major Selection Criteria The process begins with sensors (strain gauges, thermocouples, etc.). Electrical signals from the sensors Read More