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Model GL220 and GL200A midi Data Logger Comparison

Beginning June 1, 2010 the GL220 midi Data Logger will replace model GL200A. DATAQ Instruments has very successfully sold the GL200A over several years, and we thought that a comparison between the new and old models would be beneficial to our large installed base of GL200A customers. The primary takeaway is that the GL220 offers only performance advantages when compared to the model GL200A that it replaces. Those advantages are highlighted in the chart that follows. As always, please contact us with any questions.

  GL220 Data Logger GL200A Data Logger
Feature GL220 GL200A
Logic inputs for discrete measurements 4 channels 1 channel
Pulse inputs for counting and timing measurements 4 channels 1 channel
Display size 4.3-inch, 480×270 pixels 3.5-inch, 320×240 pixels
Internal, non-volatile memory size for recording 2 GB 3.5 MB
Ring capture function Yes No
Alarm outputs 4 1
USB interface speed USB v2.0 USB v1.1
External sampling function Yes No
Calculated channels (+,−,÷,×) Yes No
Price $995 $995