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Model DI-5B38-05

Isolated 300Ω to 10kΩ Strain Gage 5B-style Amplifier

$225 each
  • Interfaces to 300Ω to 10kΩ Full-Bridge Strain Gages
  • 10 V excitation output
  • 1500Vrms Transformer Isolation
  • ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989 Transient Protection
  • Input Protected to 240VAC Continuous
  • Fully Isolated Excitation Supply
  • 100dB CMR
  • 10 kHz Signal Bandwidth
  • ±0.08% Accuracy
  • ±0.02% Linearity
  • ±1µV/°C Drift
  • CSA Certified
  • View Dimensions and pinout
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DI-5B DAQ Amplifiers
This amplifier module measures 300 to 10k Ohm.This amplifier module has 10kHz bandwidth.This data acquisition system has a 30-day Money back guaranteeThis amplifier is manufactured in the United States of America


Each DI-5B38 Strain Gage input module provides a single channel of Strain Gage input which is filtered, isolated, amplified, and converted to a high level analog voltage output (see block diagram). This voltage output is logic switch controlled, which allows these modules to share a common analog bus without the requirement of external multiplexers. The DI-5B modules are designed with a completely isolated computer side circuit which can be floated to ±50V from Power Common, pin 16. This complete isolation means that no connection is required between I/O Common and Power Common for proper operation of the output switch. If desired, the output switch can be turned on continuously by simply connecting pin 22, the Read-Enable pin to I/O Common, pin 19.

The DI-5B38 can interface to full- or half-bridge transducers with a nominal resistance of 100Ω to 10kΩ. A matched pair of bridge-completion resistors (to ±1mV at +10V excitation) allows use of low cost half- or quarter-bridge transducers. On wide bandwidth modules, the 10kHz bandwidth allows measurement of high speed processes such as vibration analysis.

Strain Gage excitation is provided from the module by a very stable 10V or 3.333V source. The excitation supply is fully isolated, allowing the amplifier inputs to operate over the full range of the excitation voltage. Full scale sensitivities of 2mV/V, 3mV/V or 10mV/V are offered. With 10V excitation, this results in a ±20mV, ±30mV or ±100mV full scale input range.

On wide bandwidth modules, the input signal is processed through a preamplifier on the field side of the isolation barrier. This preamplifier has a gain-bandwidth product of 5MHz and is bandwidth limited to 10kHz. On all modules, after initial field side filtering, the input signal is chopped by a proprietary chopper circuit. Isolation is provided by transformer coupling, again using a proprietary technique to suppress transmission of common mode spikes or surges. The module is powered from +5VDC, ±5%.

Special input circuits on the DI-5B38 module provide protection of the signal inputs and the isolated excitation supply up to 240VAC.



16-Position Backplane

$ 409
16-channel backplane for 5B modules


16-channel backplane for 5B modules. Each module has its own analog bus. For use with DI-5B Modules.


1-Position Backplane

$ 55
Single-channel backplane for 5B modules


Single-channel backplane. For use with DI-5B Modules.


2-Position Backplane

$ 129
Dual-channel backplane for 5B modules


Dual-channel backplane. For use with DI-5B Modules.


8-Position Backplane

$ 305
Dual-channel backplane for 5B modules


8-position analog I/O backplane, non-multiplexed. For use with DI-5B Modules.


Base Element

$ 10
Base element with snap foot


Base element with snap foot required for use with models DI-5B03 and DI-5B04 Backplanes. For use with DI-5B Modules.


Power Supply

Power Supply


5V DC Power Supply for use with both DI-5B and DI-8B Backplanes.


Side Element

$ 5
Side element


Side element required for use with models DI-5B03 and DI-5B04 Backplanes. For use with DI-5B Modules and Backplanes.


Input Range: ±10mV to ±30mV (narrow bandwidth); ±10mV to ±100mV (wide bandwidth)
Input Bias Current: ±0.3nA
Input Resistance: Normal: 50MΩ
Power Off: 40kΩ
Overload: 40kΩ
Input Protection: Continuous: 240Vrms max
Transient: ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989
Excitation Output: 0+10V ±3mV (-32, -34, -35, -37, -02, -04, -05, -07)
+3.333V ±2mV (-31, -33, -36, -01, -03, -06)
Excitation Load Regulation: ±5ppm/mA
Excitation Stability: ±15ppm/°C
Half Bridge Voltage Level: +5V ±1mV (-34 and -04)
+1.667V ±1mV (-33 and -03)
Isolated Excitation Protection: Continuous: 240Vrms max
Transient: ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989
CMV, Input to Output: Continuous: 1500Vrms max
Transient: ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989
CMR (50 or 60Hz): 160dB (narrow bandwidth)
100dB (wide bandwidth)
NMR (-3dB at 10kHz): 95dB at 60Hz, 90dB at 50Hz (narrow bandwidth)
120dB per decade above 10kHz (wide bandwidth)
Accuracy: ±0.08% Span ±10µV RTI (Includes nonlinearity, hysteresis and repeatability; RTI=Referenced to input)
Stability: Input Offset: ±1µV/°C (narrow bandwidth); ±1µV/°C (wide bandwidth)
Output Offset: ±20µV/°C (narrow bandwidth); ±40µV/°C (wide bandwidth)
Gain: ±25ppm of Reading/°C (narrow bandwidth); ±25ppm of Reading/°C (wide bandwidth)
Noise: Input, 0.1 to 10Hz: 0.2µVrms (Half Bridge: 1µVrms) (narrow bandwidth); 0.4µVrms (Half Bridge: 2µVrms) (wide bandwidth)
Output, 100kHz: 200µVrms (narrow bandwidth); 10mVp-p (wide bandwidth)
Bandwidth, –3dB: 4Hz or 10kHz
Response Time, 90% Span: 0.2s
Output Range: ±5V
Output Resistance: 50Ω
Output Protection: Continuous Short to Ground
Output Selection Time (to ±1mV of VOUT): 6µs at Cload = 0 to 2000pF
Output Current Limit: ±14mA max (narrow bandwidth); ±20mA max (wide bandwidth)
Output Enable Control: Max Logic “0”: +0.8V
Min Logic “1”: +2.4V
Max Logic “1”: +36V
Input Current, “0,1”: 0.5µA
Power Supply Voltage: +5VDC ±5%
Power Supply Current: 170mA Full, 70mA No Load
Power Supply Sensitivity: ±20µV/% RTI
(RTI=Referenced to input.)
Environmental: Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC
Storage Temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC
Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% Noncondensing
RFI Susceptibility: ±0.5% Span Error at 400MHz, 5W, 3ft
Mechanical Dimensions: 2.28" × 2.26" × 0.60"
(58mm × 57mm × 15mm)

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